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 Arvin Teb Aria   

   Arvin Teb Aria Company  was founded in 2007 by a group of medical doctors, engineers, healthcare providers and aestheticians with more than 10 years experience in importing and marketing  the new generation of medical equipment technologies.
Arvin Teb Aria  is specially expert in import and market a proprietary line of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, ENT, and other fields of medicine. We have  partner companies in majority of provinces of Iran, so we have costumers in all around of Iran.

Arvin Teb Aria is specialized in importing and distributing health, medical and aesthetic devices from different countries of the world to Iran. We are exclusive distributor of some medical and aesthetic devices in Iran and we are looking for high quality products with reasonable price and good service for importing and distributing to our customers in Iran. Our top priority for our suppliers and customers is reliability.