Alex Diode Laser

May 11, 2021

Laser Hair Removal Machine

Alex Diode (A Multiple Wavelength Diode Laser) 

The Alex Diode laser machine is the most comprehensive and effective laser hair removal device available today. Using several different laser wavelengths, the Alex Diode laser allows physicians and specialists to treat the widest range of patients with different hair & skin types.

The Alex Diode laser treats and removes excess body hair in the fastest and easiest way and leads to the best clinical results. In fact, by combining the both technologies of 808nm diode lasers and the 755nm Alex wavelength, the this machine can be used for all 6 Fitzpatrick’s skin types (I to VI). If a patient is looking for the fastest and least painful way to remove excess body hair, the Alex Diode laser  is the best choice for her/him.

The best Alex Diode machine is which one consists of a high tech ICE cooling system. This cooling system can provide an effective longer time cooling for underlying skin during treatment. This technology minimizes the risk of skin burn as well as increase the patient’s comfort and leads to a more effective treatment.

Because of Multi-Wavelength design, the Alex Diode Laser allows the physicians to treat all skin colors and hair types quickly and painlessly.