Combination Slimming Machine

Q-Switched Laser
May 11, 2021

Local slimming is much harder and more difficult than excessive slimming. Because in excessive weight loss, the patient can lose weight by using diets and exercises. However, local slimming cannot be achieved with any exercise or diet, even if it requires a long time and iron will. In this case, people turn to other methods of losing weight. Cavitation is one of these methods in which excess body fat is removed in a short time without the need of any invasive surgery.

Local Slimming with Cavitation

Cavitation is a non-invasive method. Using this method, the patient will not need to be hospitalized, anesthetized or even recover. In local slimming method with Cavitation device, the fat cells are broken and destroyed. The cavitation device utilizes Ultrasound wave (a high frequency sound wave).

When ultrasound waves collide with interstitial water molecules, tiny bubbles form around fat cells. These bubbles are vibrated by ultrasound waves, as a result of this vibratory motion, they hit walls of fat cells and finally burst. Bursting of the bubbles causes the fat cell wall to rupture, and releasing out the lysosomes and intracellular fat (triglycerides).